Scarf to create a fashionable look

Scarf to create a fashionable look

It is impossible to imagine the autumn-winter season without a stylish and fashionable scarf. This accessory does a great job of protecting the throat from wind and cold, and is also a successful addition to the autumn look. This autumn, models decorated with lace, fur, as well as knitted and cotton products are in fashion.

Luxurious and elegant fur boas are back in fashion. You just have to throw a fur scarf over your shoulders, this accessory will do the rest by itself: it will give the image elegance and femininity. Fur products with an embossed floral pattern look very interesting today.

Many fashionistas have long been fond of oriental style in clothes. If you are one of them, get a scarf with oriental motifs. This includes, for example, multi-layered products, which serve as decorations: golden tassels, fringe, golden embroidery, as well as various ornaments and patterns characteristic of this style.

It should be noted that fringes and tassels can also be present on scarves made in bohemian, gypsy and cowboy styles. Such products are best worn with casual clothes: jeans, vests, long floor-length skirts and various cropped jackets. If you choose a scarf with large pompoms, you can give the image ease and lightness.

Scarves-kerchiefs are no less popular today. Most often, such products are chosen by girls to create a youth style. It is recommended to wear such scarves in such a way that the corner of the product looks forward. With the help of a scarf-kerchief, you can make any look modern and trendy.

One of the main trends this fall is the snood scarf. This scarf is in perfect harmony with any outerwear, so you can safely decorate coats, jackets, raincoats, and even fur coats with it.

If you love bright looks, try adding an animal print scarf to your autumn set. Such products are very well suited for plain outerwear in muted shades. Oversized scarves are perfect for a bohemian and luxurious look. In this case, use such a scarf as a cape on your shoulders.

Do not write off long scarves. Moreover, the longer such a product is, the better. In this case, you can beautifully wrap it around your neck, thereby giving the image a stylish and flawless look. Such scarves with outerwear without a collar look very interesting. After wrapping the scarf around the neck, hide the ends of the product.

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