Who shapes modern fashion?

Who shapes modern fashion?

The same people who every six months pass a verdict on the entire fashion world, in other words, designers. Those who bring something new into the everyday image of the whole of humanity, who establish the canons that are followed. Where do these people come from? And how do they do it?

The legendary mademoiselle

July or August 1961, Paris, France — Fashion designer Coco Chanel adjusts the armhole of a model’s dress with an assistant. — Image by © Douglas Kirkland/CORBIS

One of the most famous personalities from the fashion industry, Frenchwoman Coco Chanel . The world-famous brand Chanel acts not only as a trendsetter in branded clothing, but also in perfumery. Starting by selling hats in her own shop in 1910, she achieved recognition and worldwide fame. For the most part, her outfits were famous for the comfort that she aspired to, inventing more and more new images. Having learned to sew as a child, Chanel boldly gave herself to her most unusual fantasies. Women are grateful to her for the continuity of some trends from men’s collections.

Chanel is in good hands

One of the most influential heads of the fashion house , Karl Lagerfeld has forever entrenched himself in the fashion industry as an extremely hardworking designer. In addition, this most talented German managed to show himself as a director and photographer.

His first success came in 1966. Thanks to the demonstration of fur products, Karl earned a good reputation, which contributed to his further career growth. The head of the house named after Mademoiselle tries to participate in the formation of trends in accordance with all the traditions of the brand. As a great lover of books, he released a book-scented fragrance called Paper Passion.

Stylish surrealism

The main rival of Coco Chanel herself, who gave way to the main style for Fashion Week, pret-a-porter, Italian Elsa Schiaparelli. In a duet with an emigrant from Armenia, the future star presented the fashionistas of the twentieth century with a new image that everyone liked so much. After clothing stores took notice of her, Elsa received many commissions, allowing her to open her own haven for her own ideas. Even, as such, a boutique is also the idea of an Italian woman brought to life.

Acquaintance and cooperation with celebrities allowed the designer to constantly gain inspiration and create something outstanding. It is known that Salvador Dali had a great influence on her. True, her era ended much earlier than the French. Schiaparelli had to leave the country during a terrible war, and after it, the world of big fashion. It is difficult to overestimate her contribution, but the fact that many of her ideas are now in demand speaks at least of the possibility of overtaking her generation by half a century ahead.

Brand from Italy

Another famous name, which is already a brand in itself. Giorgio Armani . Italian couturier who went down in history. The Armani brand was opened to mankind in 1974, after which men’s clothing changed forever. He managed to combine the executive look of a business suit with ease and convenience. As a modernizer, Giorgio also worked on the women’s collection. Adding a certain amount of negligence to luxury allowed the Italian designer to win countless hearts. Now his name is associated with a high status, which is well deserved.

Brand from the Fifth Republic

Another legend from France, Christian Dior . Tested by fate and hunger, young and ambitious, he broke into the fashion industry thanks to sketches that were drawn for magazines. With the help of funding, his house Dior was opened, where work was done to emphasize feminine beauty. The couturier seemed to know what the public wanted, each time he presented them with his new collections. And only he could compete with Coco Chanel herself.

Dior receiver

Yves Saint Laurent . This name thundered throughout the twentieth century, after the young master took the helm of the already reputed house of Christian himself, for whom he had long worked as an assistant. Despite the success, even the first arrival with a fashion show in the USSR in the late 50s, the couturier was fired from the house of Dior. But this does not prevent him from creating his own brainchild of Yves Saint Laurent in 1961. Military service in Africa plays into the hands, from where he adopted a lot. This contributed to the creation of a unique collection, doomed to success. Saint Laurent is not only a designer with a capital letter, he is an unsurpassed perfumer, and also helped to build scenery for productions.

Designers are creative people who live in their own world, dominated by majestic beauty and universal love. With the help of their compositions, they boldly share their views with humanity, thereby perpetuating the truths that the rest of the world follows.

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