Valentino Couture Fall/Winter Collection

Valentino Couture Fall/Winter Collection

It is known that the Valentino Couture autumn-winter collection consists of 56 exquisite handmade dresses that fully convey the majestic grace and sophisticated femininity.

From the very first glance, this stunning collection is enchanted by rich fabrics and precious materials such as velvet, satin, chiffon, Valentino lace and fine silk embellished with tapestries, freshwater pearls, Victorian embroidery, abstract prints and semi-precious stones. Here, each dress is a separate story and fascinating pages of fashion history.

Of course, it would be appropriate to describe all 56 dresses one by one, since each of them deserves close attention. However, this is impossible to do, because words simply cannot describe these unique creations, which seem to have been created for a fashion museum, where only women with exquisite taste have access.

Valentino fall 2021

One thing I want to emphasize is that this time Valentino designers worked not only on luxurious outfits intended for the red carpet, but the essence of the entire collection was to create beautiful outfits that are appropriate for any occasion.

And the most compelling pieces for the day were the sharp 60s-inspired silhouettes: amazing pleated coats, camel-coloured cashmere dresses with neat, rounded shoulders, gray tweed sheath dresses , herringbone pencil skirts, matching coats A- figurative form, black and beige checkered suits , lace blouses and black ponchos. These outfits were devoid of unnecessary frills and decor, impeccable in their proportions, elegant and designed in the style of traditional French fashion. This is the best that can be offered to a modern woman who wants to always look elegant and keep up with the times.

But this collection also reasserted its authority in the decorative, breathtaking art of evening gowns in the vein of Piccioli, described as “regal”. Long lace dresses in ivory or gold with asymmetrical edges and exquisite trimmings, beige velvet dresses with floral appliqués, gray chiffon dresses, traditional lace and scarlet outfits for the brand, as well as many capes of different lengths and textures illustrate with their extravagance that in the Valentino collection Couture autumn-winter is a worthy place for exotic clothes that hold the status of evening.

In general, the Valentino couture collection has retained the areola of elegance and noble simplicity. Thanks to a subtle sense of beauty, the fashion house is still the brand that is so loved by the most demanding fashionistas with exquisite taste, from Jacqueline Kennedy to the Swedish princess Madeleine .

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