Fashion trends - summer 2020

Fashion trends - summer 2020

For real fashionistas, the most ordinary street becomes a catwalk. They prove that even a casual look can be stylish and extraordinary. In this article, you will find out what the street fashion of the season will be – summer 2020. A collection of the main trends, novelties and unusual finds has been collected for you. You will definitely find interesting ideas for your wardrobe.

geometric patterns

The stripe and the cage, it seems, will never leave the fashionable Olympus. Such drawings have already become classic and simply migrate from season to season. There are plenty of things with such prints in the street summer fashion of this year. Just remember the basic rules:
• Horizontal stripe visually enlarges the figure, and the vertical one will make you slimmer.
• A large cage is not suitable for donuts, and a small pattern will help add grace.

As for the color scheme, the trend is a standard black and white combination, as well as a duet of red and green.

Season – summer 2020: transparency

The presence of mesh, lace or other elements in the outfit that reveal certain parts of your body is only welcome. For example, a shirt with a simple cut with openwork sleeves or a skirt with a transparent lower part looks unusual.

Just do not overdo it, because the abundance of such decor can create an image of a not too decent girl. If your choice fell on a transparent blouse, also do not forget about beautiful and matching underwear.

Fashion of the season – summer 2020: denim everywhere

The usual denim trousers are also in fashion, as well as dresses, shirts and shorts made of this material. As for trousers, the boyfriend model is not losing ground. Jeans that are a couple of sizes bigger than you, with holes, scuffs and brutal elements are ideal for slim girls.

Shorts can be very short or mid-thigh length. It all depends on your figure. Well, dresses and shirts made of lightweight denim should definitely settle in your wardrobe this summer.

Journey into the past

The street fashion of the season – summer 2020 shows that trends tend to return. For example, more and more often you can meet girls in delicate and restrained dresses of the style of the sixties of the last century. This is a suitable model for beauties with feminine forms.

But the owners of model parameters prefer hippie outfits. These are floor-length dresses, a floral pattern, a slightly baggy cut, the presence of fringe and suede elements.

Season – summer 2020: colors and prints

We have already briefly touched on the topic of color schemes, now we will reveal it in more detail. I am glad that the designers did not stop at one shade, but offer fashionistas an abundance of colors. And again, coral migrated from past seasons to trends. It seems that this shade has no plans to leave the girl’s wardrobe. Of the novelties, one can note the shade of melon and canary yellow. Also, traditionally for summer, all shades of blue are popular. Well, do not forget about white, this color is always relevant.

Now about prints. In addition to checks and stripes, polka dots, graphic patterns, floral motifs and even animal prints are also in trend.

Season – summer 2020: shoes

If you pay attention to the legs of visitors to fashion shows, you can trace the main trends.

• Open sandals. A thin strip of leather above the fingers and narrow straps around the ankles will be popular this season.
• Keds. This is perhaps the most comfortable shoes for the street. This season, designers offer to combine sneakers with dresses.
• Straps, ribbons in large quantities. Actual sandals, called gladiator, with high lacing on the leg, as well as slightly masculine models with coarse straps and buckles.
• This season will be a lot of shoes with massive heels. Thin hairpins fade into the background.

A few words about flowers. We are waiting for the time of bright colors. The fashion of the season – summer 2020 takes into account the trends of the season. Red, pink, green, blue, yellow will be relevant. No dusty and diluted midtones, just pure color.

Summer accessories

A girl can’t go outside without a handbag . This season, fashion gurus have paid special attention to this element of the image. Take a closer look at small bags – bags made of textiles or woven fabric, reminiscent of macrame. For lovers of universal bags, there are unusual items on sale. When folded, they look like a clutch, when unfolded, they look like a fairly roomy bag.

We advise you to take care not to get sunstroke. The fashion trend also touched on hats. Topical are hats with wide and soft brim, framing the face. Lovers of strict forms will like straw hats. Also this season, headbands made of scarves like turbans will be popular.

What is summer without sunglasses? If you want to look stylish, then choose round glasses with mirrored lenses that shimmer with all colors in the sun. Lovers of the classics can recommend more standard models, but in an unusual design. For example, wooden and transparent frames look very interesting.

The fashion of the season – summer 2020 is so bright and versatile. If you haven’t found your style yet, then our recommendations will help you do it. Experiment and try unusual combinations. Summer is a great time for change.

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