New trend - skirts with many vertical slits

New trend - skirts with many vertical slits

Speaking of how to dress sexy in the cold season, it is worth mentioning one small piece of clothing that hints at the naked body from the knee up – this is, of course, a modest skirt with an interesting shape with numerous vertical slits. Appearing on the fashion catwalks this season, she immediately hit the list of fashion trends for the fall.

There are trends that don’t need to hit the streets as mainstream or very oversaturated, and this is one of them. A skirt like this should be a key part of this season’s fall wardrobe if you want to stand out from the crowd and grab attention, as well as find something unique that offers a lot of sensuality and visual appeal.

Skirts with several slanting cuts or modeled from vertical stripes resemble gladiator clothes in appearance, but this is a softer take. As a general recommendation, choose knee length or just below. A wide hem balances out the slashes, while a short hem can add some plumpness. If you don’t want full body exposure with every step, opt for a slit skirt underlay.

The main styles of skirts with numerous vertical slits for autumn:

Light feminine skirt with slits

Airy, light and ethereal, like a midsummer night’s dream – this type of skirt with numerous cuts can be seen in the Blumarine autumn-winter collection. Soft hues, delicate fabrics and a touch of glittery embellishments make these skirts extraordinarily feminine and romantic.

Bright colored skirts with slits

Although the trend of skirts with numerous vertical slits may seem like a gladiator style, involving leather and dark, winter shades, it is not at all the case. For example, Maison Rabih Kayrouz presented chic cobalt blue and bright orange skirts in their autumn-winter collection, which look great in combination with warm knitted sweaters.

Classic black skirts with slits

If classic black isn’t your thing, check out Blumarine’s pleated dresses that flow into skirts with slits between each pleat. Such an outfit is much more versatile and at the same time unique, and it is worth picking up this season. At the same time, Maison Rabih Kayrouz added contrasting piping around each fabric strip of her skirts for a fashionable effect.

Skirts with slits and sheer inserts

For many years, sheer fabrics have been a fashion trend, and designers have endlessly come up with new and new ways to incorporate it into their creations. Marni and Thakoon in their fall/winter collections used sheer fabrics as a backing for trendy skirts with multiple vertical slits to create an even brighter look befitting the cold season.

For inspiration, we offer a selection of photos of stylish skirts with vertical slits, which were presented on the fashion catwalks of the world shows for the autumn-winter season.

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