Attributes of the basic wardrobe of a young girl

Attributes of the basic wardrobe of a young girl

20-30 years is a wonderful age when a woman begins to understand herself better, to feel her style. The choice of clothes is also already happening differently. However, it is necessary to form a basic wardrobe for the summer. It is practical and economical. Here are the things that must be in the wardrobe of every girl.


Jeans that fit perfectly on the figure will become an integral part of the wardrobe. They can be both low-waisted and high-waisted. A variant of a straight classic with skinny pants is always suitable. In this case, the color can be white, and black, and blue. No decorative elements are needed, embroidery, in a word, everything that will distract the eye from oneself. Minor abrasions may be.


Another important element of the wardrobe, slightly fitted, without fitting. Acceptable only from natural fabric, so that it is comfortable to go for a walk in the city or go on a picnic. It is quite possible to wear a jumpsuit aged in one color to work, even to the office.


A simple cotton T-shirt is always appropriate in combination with any elements of the wardrobe (trousers, skirt, overalls). No prints, no decorative trim, no other decorating elements are needed. In choosing a color, you should focus on pastel colors white, black. They can be combined with a bright, multi-colored bottom without fear of overloading the set.

Wrap dress

A dress of this style is a classic, because it is suitable for absolutely any physique. To be in trend, you should choose the color of snow-white cotton or light gray linen. It can also be a polka dot satin fabric. To such a dress , it is enough to add only a straw handbag, nude sandals.

Denim skirt

This model has an oversized belt, and the fabric itself should be a little worn, which will add style to the whole set, no matter what the skirt is worn with: a smart top, blouse, plaid shirt. Great option for a party.

White running shoes

Stylish shoes of this season simply must be in the summer wardrobe of any fashionista. Now sneakers or sneakers are not only sports shoes. They are worn with skirts, dresses, shorts, capris. This is a great replacement for sandals.

All these 6 things are a great option for any wardrobe. It’s practical, elegant, functional. None of them will be redundant. This is the base of things from which you can make elegant, diverse sets. Of course, you should always remember about accessories: scarves, jewelry, glasses, etc.

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