How to dress to look slimmer

How to dress to look slimmer

Many people come up with complexes and problems of excess weight. They just don’t know that with the help of little tricks and fashion secrets, you can look slimmer and more attractive.

One of the main rules for choosing clothes in plus size is to look for those styles and fabrics that “make you look at yourself” from top to bottom. Thus, the width of the figure decreases, and the overall silhouette is visually lengthened.

Secrets on how to dress to look slimmer!

Choose the right underwear

With the help of a well-chosen bra, you can “profitably” raise your chest, and a combidress will highlight your waist and remove extra pounds (at least visually).

In addition, beautiful underwear makes a woman feel confident. And then the chin rises, the look burns, and the smile illuminates everything around.

If underwear does not support curvy shapes, this is not your choice.

Therefore, it is better to abandon narrow thongs. For a girl with appetizing parameters, it is most profitable to buy shorts or other types of shapewear.

Tights also have the properties to “improve the figure”. If you need to remove some extra sentimentality, then modeling tights are ideal. They will make the stomach smaller and the butt more elastic.

On such a figure, even a tight-fitting dress will look appropriate and seductive.

Buy the right clothes

Choose your size. Clothes that are too tight will only show flaws and extra weight.

And baggy things will make the silhouette heavy and bulky.

Avoid square clothes. Rigid fabrics, sharp lines make the figure even larger.

Avoid “sticky clothes” Material such as spandex follows every curve and every fold of the body. And no matter how hard you try to look slimmer, all the irregularities of your figure will stand out, and not hide.

Materials that drape lightly are the best way to play up the silhouette. Such clothes will follow the smooth shapes of the body, emphasizing the femininity of the contours.

Use the positive qualities of black

Black knows how to slim. This can be used when choosing trousers or skirts. But don’t overdo it. Too many dark shades is too much, always add light colors and light to your look.

Do not forget that even an all-black ensemble can be qualitatively changed with the help of bright accessories.

Not only black color can create slender silhouettes. Add a variety of options to your wardrobe, from navy blue to bold olives or rich chocolate.

Bold images, original styles

An interesting ensemble can distract attention and hide “figure flaws.” Then, instead of your size, others will see the details of your costume.

Choose models of bright and saturated colors, since calmer shades, on the contrary, can draw attention to your shortcomings, and the figure will visually become even larger.

Monochrome variant

Large blocks of the same color visually lengthen the silhouette. A one-color ensemble is perfect for looking fashionable and stylish, regardless of the size of the clothes. Your wardrobe should definitely include plain dresses and blouses.

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